Naturally aligned teeth are a bliss to only a very few.

For the other set, cosmetic alterations are required to derive a perfect set of aligned teeth Properly aligned teeth make your smile look beautiful and it helps your tongue, muscles, and jaws function correctly. Inappropriate alignment of teeth can result in tooth decay and gum disease. My Smile Dental Clinic offers comprehensive orthodontic treatments for adults and children.

How Are Braces Determined At My Smile ?

• Severity of the condition
• Professional recommendations
• Meeting The Financial Budget
• Duration of the treatment
• Personal preference

To correct crooked teeth, our specialists apply traditional metal or ceramic braces.Metal braces are made of metal brackets that use an elastic rubber band known as a ligature to anchor to the wire. An inexpensive procedure to treat most severe cases.

If you don’t want people to know that you’re wearing braces, he may recommend lingual orthodontics.These lingual braces are attached behind the teeth and slightly noticed when worn.For children from six to ten years old, we can apply functional trainers, which remove the need for early orthodontics.

To discuss the right type of braces for you, schedule a consult at the My Smile Dental Clinic, Mumbai, India.

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