Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is among the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures. Stains or discoloration can inhibit even the healthiest of smiles. In a single brief session, teeth whitening creates smiles that are up to ten shades brighter

Time, smoking, food color, tea and coffee are just a few of the things that make your teeth to yellow and discolor. Whitening is similar to a facial, it helps to clean tartar on your teeth gently removing stains, leaving your teeth cleaner and brighter. Whiter teeth can make you feel younger and build your confidence.

We offer teeth whitening treatments to fit in with your schedule and individual goals in two types:

Office whitening: – Professional teeth whitening with results on the same day (whitening performed by a dentist in office) is the best choice for those people who need immediate teeth whitening results. The bleaching gel is applied, activated with light or a laser by our dentists and within an hour or two, you would be able to achieve desirable results. Your smile shows whitening results the very same day of your very whitening treatment.

Home whitening: – The take away home system. We start with taking an impression of your upper & lower arch enclosing the teeth that you wish to have whiten. We then create a tray that is molded to the scalloped lines of your gums. We permit you to try on the custom-made tray created for you and with necessary adjustments make it a comfortable fit. You can then load the whitening gel in the tray at home and use it for a 3 to 5 days to achieve desired results.

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