Painless Root Canal Treatment

Painless Root Canal Treatment

Tooth is composed of three layers, the outermost layer, Enamel is the hardest structure in the body. Middle layer, Dentin protects the pulp from all sides. Pulp (innermost layer) provides nourishment to the tooth during the development stages and after complete formation, Pulp transmits pain if it’s damaged or infected. Root Canal Treatment is performed by in-house expert endodontist to remove the infected pulp tissue and save the natural tooth.

Specific Symptoms You May Experience:
  • severe toothache radiating towards ear or side of head,
  • Increased tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures,
  • Pain on biting on a particular tooth,
  • Redness or swelling on gums or face near a tooth,
  • Loss of a tooth or tooth fracture,
  • Throbbing pain in tooth, gums, or jaw,
  • Any mouth pain that’s associated with a fever,
  • Tooth or jaw pain which aggravates at night.
Conventional Root Canal Treatment

In Root Canal Treatment, the infected pulp tissue is removed under the effect of profound local anaesthesia and it is replaced by inert filling material. Root canal treatment may require 2-3 sittings for completion depending on the remaining infection in root canal system.

In selected cases, a single sitting root canal treatment is completed.

Teeth are then filled with Post and Core filling and subsequently Tooth Cap (Crown) is placed on the tooth to prevent it from fracture.

Root Canal

Are you concerned with a tooth infection caused by injury or damage due to decay? If yes, you might need a “Root Canal Treatment” to ease your pain and get rid of the infected tooth.
At My Smile Dental Clinic, Mumbai, our Endodontic experts personally sit down and take you through the root canal procedure. Accept a visual improvement in just one sitting.

Root canal treatments are carried out when the root of the tooth gets infected due to decay or cavities, causing uneasiness, swelling and pain in the area. A root canal treatment.
involves elimination of the nerve, cleaning the root canal and sealing off the tooth to protect it from further decay & damage which saves your natural tooth. A crown is then placed over the tooth to make it stronger.


Painless Root Canal

Root canals have a reputation for being incredibly painful. The procedure is so often notorious used as a synonym for extreme inconvenience.

Due to the most recent developments in anesthetics & technology, you don’t have to relate root canal treatments with anxiety & pain. At My Smile, you can commune your level of comfort with in house endodontist specialist, who will determine the perfect anesthetic procedure that suits you the best. Our specialists have the knowledge and experience to conduct a painless, efficient and quick root canal. This painless root canal treatment is successfully completed in just ONE SITTING!!

Don’t let the dread of pain or discomfort stop you from receiving the dental care you need & deserve.

Book an appointment with My Smile Clinic, Mumbai for pain-free root canal treatment!

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