Smile Makeovers

It’s never too late to perfect your smile and feel your best!

At My Smile Dental Clinic, Mumbai, India, we help you get that confidence back by designing a custom made bracket to create a smile that suits YOU PERFECTLY!! Today, problems like crooked teeth, gaps between teeth or teeth that stick out can diminish your self-confidence, but, we are here to help you out with a smile of your choice.

Smile makeovers imply having a brand new smile designed just for YOU!! To make you look & feel AMAZING. It will help align crooked teeth, decrease protrusion, enclose gaps, minimize a gummy smile, whiten teeth, change the shape & length of teeth, substitute missing teeth, correct undue wearing of teeth, solve gum or hygiene problems or any combination of the above can be take care of.

Smile makeovers typically include a minimum of the upper ten to eight teeth and in certain cases the bottom set of teeth as well. The most popular treatments in smile makeovers include multiple porcelain veneer restorations since they are conservative, sturdy and extremely aesthetic.

However, porcelain crowns, bridges, implants and even implant supported dentures can also be part of a smile makeover depending on the case. If upper teeth only are being treated with veneers then lower teeth are usually at least whitened.

At My Smile Dental Clinic, Mumbai, India, we focus on the larger picture. We help you attain perfectly aligned functional teeth, a healthy function of the jaw joints combined with long lasting results for a more satisfying and enjoyable smile.

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