Digital Dentistry: The Evolution of Dental Care


Digital dentistry has increased the factor of reliability in the field of dental science. Apart from this, the visits to the dental clinic of Dr. Prasad Rane are not just fast but are also safe as well as comfortable. Ultimately, it is all about the level of care, and with digital dentistry, there is a breakthrough.

Digital Dentistry-What is it?

Digital dentistry makes use of digital as well as computer-based technology through the dental specialist. By making use of such technologies, the oral surgeon will examine, diagnose and treat your oral conditions.

Digital dentistry–a move to transform

At the Dental Clinic of Andheri West, digital dentistry transforms each aspect and area of professional oral care. The change is right from the appointment with the dental specialist to the follow-up. The process of treatment by way of digital dentistry is accomplished by tools at My Smile Dental Clinic.

Some of the tools are mentioned below:
Intraoral cameras

In the past, the professionals of dentistry were using tiny round mirrors for examining the interior of the mouth but now these are being replaced at a quick pace by small cameras. One of the principal advantages of these cameras is the magnification or the enhancement of the image.

Identification of the problems

The image captured by these intraoral cameras is magnified on a flat screen. For example, your tooth will look enlarged like the size of the head on the screen. With the magnified image, Dr. Prasad Rane as well as his associate dental specialists will trace the potential problems of dental health that need rectification. Other benefits are:

  • 1. They will share with you what they see on the screen. By this, you will have a clear understanding of your oral health and with understanding, the improvement options will increase.
  • 2. These enlarged captured images are also shared with the lab technicians for matching the shade of crowns as well as bridges with the shade of the original teeth.
Digital radiography

The process of traditional X-rays required film processing, but this was not just expensive but consumed more time. But digital radiography is a quick process. The images are instantly transferred to a computer screen.

Intraoral scanning and CAD/CAM

In the present times, you do not need the impression material in the mouth and the credit goes to the intraoral scanning and the CAD/CAM technology.The dentists at My Smile Dental Clinic in Andheri will make use of the scanners for creating 3D digital images of the mouth to design the prosthesis.

Tools for cancer screening

With the help of fluorescence imaging, dental professionals in Andheri west will notice the abnormalities as well as the signs of cancer not seen by the naked eye. Some prime benefits are:

  • 1. Enhanced prognosis
  • 2. Lesser recovery time
DGIS(digitally guided implant surgery)

This is an advanced technology implemented in the field of dental surgery but is not widely used as of now. By this, dental surgeons trace the most accurate method to place an implant in the structure of the jawbone by making use of an intraoral scan.

Digital dentistry procedures followed at My Smile Digital Clinic have benefited patients to a greater degree when it comes to oral care.