Root Canal Treatment in Andheri West

Oh my god! Root canal! The thought itself can make you feel apprehensive. Relax! You can experience painless root canal treatment in Adheri West at My Smile Dental Clinic.

All thanks to our expert dentists, modern technology and anesthetics, your natural tooth can be saved without pain & discomfort.

It is obvious to feel anxious about root canal treatment if you aren’t knowing the procedure. So, let’s understand more about your tooth and the painless root canal procedure.

Know Your Tooth:

root canal treatment in Andheri West

Your tooth consists of crown & roots, the crown is above the gums & roots are below it. The roots attach the tooth with the jawbone. The crown of a tooth is a three layered structure, the outermost layer, known as Enamel-the hardest structure in the body. Middle layer, Dentin, protects the pulp from all sides, and the innermost layer, the Pulp that provides nourishment to the tooth. Pulp transmits pain if it’s damaged or infected.

If the tooth decay is limited to the first two layers, it can be corrected with filling/ restoration. But when the decay reaches the third layer and causes inflammation of pulp, root canal treatment also known as endodontic treatment is needed. It is a straightforward procedure to relieve the dental pain by removing the infected pulp tissue and saving the natural tooth.

What Is The Painless Root Canal Procedure?

Painless root canal treatment may sound odd and overpromising but the advanced dentistry techniques are making it a reality.

Initially a local anesthesia is given to numb the infected tooth and the surrounding tissues. We will not proceed with the procedure unless it is completely anesthetized. A rubber dam is placed over the infected tooth and adjacent teeth.

The hole is then drilled through the biting surface of an infected tooth, allowing access to the pulp chamber. The dead & infected pulp tissue is removed & the canals are cleaned with the help of endodontic file, specially designed to clean the root canals and pulp chamber.

You won’t experience any pain as the area is completely numb and the tissue being removed is either dead or dying. Once it is completely removed the tooth itself can no longer feel pain. The cleaned canals are now disinfected with antibacterial and antiseptic solutions.

The canals are then shaped with tiny instruments to allow them to receive fillings and sealers. The canals are then again washed to remove any debris before sealing it. A rubber like material called gutta-percha is used to fill the canal space. It is a thermoplastic material used to seal the canals. Along with an adhesive cement called sealer, the gutta- percha fills the canal space. It is important to prevent reinfection.

A permanent or temporary filling material will then be placed to seal the hole. In some cases, post (either metal or strong plastic) is inserted in one of the canals inside the tooth for extra support. You will be prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully. It is normal to have some minor discomfort after treatment.

Now, the treated tooth will need a permanent restoration- a filling or a tooth cap (crown), to fix the lost tooth structure & to prevent it from fracture.

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The root canals are very small spaces, hence require great deal of precision & care to treat them well. We, at My Smile Dental Clinic, in andheri west, have got root canal specialists & advanced dental gadgets to give you the best and painless root canal treatment.

Get rid of the dental pain & save your natural tooth with our painless root canal treatment. Consult our experts today!