Journey To Victory: From Missing Teeth To A Winning Smile


Isn’t being young fantastic? You are filled with confidence to live the world and enjoy your life. But have you imagined being young and missing teeth? Imagine not being able to laugh freely, not having your favorite foods, or having to hide your smile.

A patient of ours, let's call her Preeti, is a beautiful young lady who is intelligent, talented, and confident. She was preparing for a beauty pageant when she lost two teeth. This had a significant impact on her confidence. She was disheartened and unsure if she would be able to participate in the contest that she had been preparing for a long time. Then a friend of hers suggests that she should consult a dentist. After researching, she visited us at My Smile Dental Clinic in Oshiwara, Andheri West.

On the first visit to the clinic, we talked about how she felt after losing her teeth and that her confidence had taken a hit. We did a general consultation and checked the condition of the rest of the teeth and gums. Upon completing the checkup, we suggested we go ahead with Fixed Bridges.

Our Dentist explained to her what dental bridges are and their advantages. She agreed to the treatment and wanted to start as soon as possible. Dental bridges are one of the popular options for replacing missing teeth. They consist of false teeth with crowns at the end that are fixed on the teeth adjacent to the missing teeth. Unlike traditional dentures that are removable, we suggest fixed dental bridges. As the name suggests, the fixed dental bridges are fixed in the mouth and will not slip out while talking or eating.

We started with a process that involved a few appointments where we took impressions, prepped the adjacent teeth, and got the bridge ready.


After completing the treatment process, when we showed the result to Preeti, she was thrilled to see the results. With a big smile, she said, “ Doctor, now I can surely score a place in the top contestants in the pageant.” And with her confident smile, she became the runner-up at the state pageant.

If you or your loved ones are suffering from missing teeth, it's about time you visit My Smile Dental clinic for missing teeth replacement in Andheri. What are you waiting for? Book your appointment today!