Cracked Tooth Treatment in Andheri West

Dental conditions like Cracked teeth take place because of multiple factors like tooth grinding, trauma, age, and other reasons. Know the fact that you don't need to carry the symptoms or signs of a cracked tooth. You may not even observe sensitivity, pain, or inflammation.

cracked tooth

Dental help at Andheri West

For cracked tooth treatment in Andheri west, our oral specialist will provide multiple methods for treating the tooth fracture based on the location of the crack as well as the level of complexity.

Cracked tooth-what is it?

A fractured tooth also referred to as the CTS[ cracked tooth syndrome] happens because of the appearance of the crack in the tooth. At times, this crack may be small and pose no harm. But the problem arises when the tooth splits or breaks because of this dental condition.

At MSDC, you will get complete treatment for this ailment after your appointment with our oral surgeon.

Tooth fractures–these may be common

Tooth fractures may be common among elders as well as children but anyone can crack a tooth. There is no specific age factor for this dental condition. If you suspect a fractured tooth, you can consult our dental specialist at MSDC.

Tooth zones with a high tendency for cracks

The two parts of the teeth are:

  • Crown- the portion that is visible above the gums
  • Root-the portion that is located below the gums

Multiple layers in crown and root:

  • Enamel- This is the exterior surface of the tooth. It is hard and white.
  • Dentin- This is the middle layer in the tooth
  • Pulp– This is the soft tissue located in the interior portion of the tooth and comprises blood vessels and nerves

The above three mentioned layers are subject to tooth fractures. Cracked tooth treatment in Andheri west depends on:

  • Area of the fracture
  • The complexity of the fracture


If your tooth expresses a feeling of sensitivity or hurt, it could be the symptom of a fracture. But sometimes, you do not feel the symptoms. You can consult our dental specialist at MSDC if symptoms persist for speedy treatment.

General Causes

  • Age
  • Chewing the hard foods
  • Certain habits
  • Large dental fillings
  • Teeth grinding also called bruxism
  • Trauma

Tooth fracture areas

Teeth fractures generally take place in the upper front teeth as well as the mandibular molars. People having dental cavities are subject to higher risk levels of cracked teeth. For treatment, you seek an appointment with our oral specialist.

Diagnosis for cracked tooth treatment in Andheri west will be done in the following steps:

  • Our dental specialist at MSDC will detect the broken tooth or avulsed tooth
  • Inspection of the tooth for the crack lines
  • Examination of gum inflammation. Vertical fractures irritate gums.
  • Transillumination
  • Putting the staining dye on the tooth for a broader vision of the crack
  • Our tooth specialist at MSDC will take an X-ray of the tooth to detect fractures as well as other problems like bone loss. Imaging will include a 3D scan also referred to as the cone beam CT scan that may depict bone loss suggesting a fracture.
  • Making use of special tools for the crack location is also called periodontal probing.

At MSDC, our oral specialist will treat the following types of fractured teeth:

  • Cracked tooth
  • Craze lines
  • Fractured cusp
  • Split tooth
  • Vertical root fracture

You can contact us for cracked tooth treatment in Andheri west through mail or a call.