Gummy Smile Treatment in Andheri West

If you have a gummy smile, it requires correction. You need to have an optimal smile line. What do you mean by the optimal smile line? In the case of the optimal smile line, the revelation of the least amount of gum tissue takes place. This happens at the time of the smile.

Teeth Re-contouring

The balanced look of the gum tissue

The gum tissue needs to have a balanced look when it comes to the smile line. At the same time, it should have a proper alignment with the upper lip. Gummy smiles create resistance to smiling in public. But we will rectify this dental condition for you through our cosmetic dental specialist at MSDC in Andheri west.

Gummy smile-What exactly is it?

If you display a significant portion of the upper gums, you may have the condition of a gummy smile. Why is it problematic? The reason is it creates an unbalanced look. The reason is that the prime emphasis gets focused on the gums rather than on the teeth.

Is a gummy smile an aesthetic issue?

You may have a concept that the gummy smile is simply an aesthetic problem or it just goes beyond that. The smile line is an aesthetic zone that displays your teeth at the time of the smile. But various other factors have an impact on the smile's appearance. The shape and size of your lips play a vital role when it comes to the definition of the charm of the smile.

Other influential factors

Other dental factors that influence your smile are the muscles of the face, shape, and size of the gum tissue as well as the teeth. Know the truth that you will have an attractive smile if the display of the gum tissue is to a minimal extent.

Gummy smile correction at MSDC

At MSDC in Andheri west, our cosmetic dental surgeon will do the gummy smile correction by implementing laser dentistry techniques. This will be a gentle procedure on the gum tissue because it diminishes the recovery time. This procedure will also offer you better results if you decide on the gummy smile treatment in Andheri west.

Dental laser treatment at MSDC, Andheri west

Dental laser treatment in Andheri west offers you no discomfort because this treatment is the best option for cutting gum tissue in excess through our dental surgeon. You will not have swollen or tender gums after the accomplishment of the procedure.

Cost factor

You can meet our cosmetic dental specialist for tooth analysis before the commencement of the smile recovery procedure. The cost factor will depend on the extent of the complexity.