Teeth re-contouring

Re-contouring or reshaping the teeth (Odontoplasty, Enameloplasty, Stripping, or Slenderizing) is a procedure in which small amount of tooth enamel is altered to change tooth length, shape, or surface, in order to improve appearance by creating more harmony or balance in the look of the smile. It is also performed to equilibrate the bite. Re-contouring is the most conservative, quick, painless and relatively inexpensive cosmetic treatment and the results can be immediately appreciated.

Teeth Re-contouring

Re-contouring is an effective method to correct minor imperfections such as:

  1. small chips,
  2. Smoothing out bulges or pits in a tooth’s enamel,
  3. Adjusting slight irregular tooth shapes caused by too many or uneven teeth,
  4. Adjusting the length of teeth,
  5. Correcting “pointy” teeth

Re-contouring can also improve overall dental health by removing crevices or overlaps between teeth in which food can accumulate.

Re-contouring is not recommended if your teeth have substantial imperfections, such as a substantial chip or deep fracture. Re-contouring is not a substitute for veneers or bonding; however, it is often used in combination with these procedures.

How is Re-contouring done?

After radiographic assessment of the desired tooth, our expert dentist will use fine diamond burs or finishing and polishing discs to remove small amount of tooth enamel. Anaesthesia is not required as the procedure is limited to enamel layer. Once the desired shape is achieved, the tooth is further polished with finer discs to enhance the shape of the tooth.